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CASA’s agricultural safety resources/teaching kits are interactive and effective. They are appropriate for all ages and locations including 4-H clubs, Scouts, Cubs or Guides, community health fairs, or in a school classroom for both elementary through high school.

Borrow one or all of the hands-on demo kits and/or a related pull-up display, each including full instructions. There is no charge to borrow these kits. Simply cover the shipping costs.  If you are a CASA member in good standing, CASA will ship the resource to you at no cost (you cover the cost of return shipping). All resources are packed in sturdy travel cases and are easy to set up. – this has changed with the enhanced membership (free shipping both ways).

Bullex Digital Fire Simulator


Check this out! You set the LED monitor on digital burn and douse the flames with a laser extinguisher. It’s a safe and clean indoor fire safety experience – with very realistic sound effects.

Noise Exposure Demonstration Model (Albert)


Use “Albert” to demonstrate excessive noise exposure from personal listening devices. Albert has been outfitted with a sound level meter. Demonstrators can place participant listening devices into Albert’s ears and measure the decibel level.

PTO (Power Take Off) Display


Follow the accompanying safety instructions carefully to demonstrate the incredible speed of a revolving -PTO shaft. Everyone will instantly understand how quickly one can become entangled and severely injured or killed.

Chemical Look-a-Like Kit


Get a competition going to choose the safe versus the poisonous chemical – simply by appearance. Everyone’s amazed at their bad scores!

Fatal Vision Goggle Kit


There are 15 goggles in this kit to allow your group special insight on how to get through the day with severe visual impairment.

Mass Force Demonstration


Use this ingenious display of curved wood and marbles to demonstrate what happens when a large mass such as a big bull and a small mass such as a child collide. Kids get it!

Underground Utility Safety Module


The Underground Utility Safety Module explains how and why to Call or Click Before You Dig, the consequences of unsafe digging, and how to recognize and respond to pipeline leaks. The module includes an instructor training video, a demonstration video, a dig box, a printable take-home booklet, and scratch and sniff cards that help kids recognize the smell of a gas leak. Developed in collaboration with TransCanada Corporation.

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